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Cloud Services


Enterprises looking to become more agile and responsive to the changing market landscape are turning to the cloud. Cloud is no longer evaluated in isolation, but is an integral part of any IT strategy. With enterprises moving towards delivering ‘IT as a service,’ cloud has become essential in realizing business value. With cloud coming in many shapes and sizes including private cloud, public cloud, and hybrid cloud, choosing the right technology and the right partner to design and implement a sound cloud-strategy is imperative.

Besides bringing cloud strategies to life, our understanding of legacy infrastructure and applications allows us to deploy and manage solutions that coexist on-premise and on the cloud. This helps lay the foundation for the digital enterprise of tomorrow.


Hybrid IT with HPE Helion

Combine onsite IT with private, managed, and public cloud elements to create an environment that's right for your business. Our expansive portfolio of market-leading hardware, software, and cloud services brings it all together for you.

Enterprises looking to leverage the cloud to explore new business avenues need to ensure they have a sound cloud strategy in place. Different businesses within the enterprise have different objectives. To ensure significant returns on their cloud and IT investments, enterprises need to carefully evaluate which application or workload should be moved to the cloud and what should remain on premise. With a plethora of vendors, choosing the right cloud service provider who can meet the needs of a hybrid IT environment poses a challenge.

Private Cloud Computing Services


A hosted private cloud is what you need when you have projects high-security requirements or performance sensitive applications. Typically a private cloud is


  • Hosted in an Enterprise or Service Provider site
  • Supports only one Customer
  • Connected over private network / fiber or internet
  • Does not utilize shared infrastructure


VMware vCloud Air Virtual Private Cloud is a secure, vSphere compatible multi-tenant, Infrastructure as a service platform operated by VMware. Virtual Private Cloud is a high performance, highly available public cloud service that includes a pool of compute, storage and private networking resources. Virtual Private Cloud is compatible with other VMware based clouds, and offers seamless hybrid cloud capabilities including bi-directional workload portability, data center extension and hybrid networking.


Public Cloud Computing Services

 It is a style of computing where scalable and elastic IT-enabled capabilities are provided as a service to external customers using Internet technologies—i.e., public cloud computing uses cloud computing technologies to support customers that are external to the provider’s organization. Using public cloud services generates the types of economies of scale and sharing of resources that can reduce costs and increase choices of technologies.

Witn Microsoft Azure we can offer several Services: Azure App ServiceCloud Services, and Virtual Machines.

Azure App Service is the best choice for most web apps. Deployment and management are integrated into the platform, sites can scale quickly to handle high traffic loads, and the built-in load balancing and traffic manager provide high availability. You can move existing sites to Azure App Service easily with an online migration tool, use an open-source app from the Web Application Gallery, or create a new site using the framework and tools of your choice

If you need more control over the web server environment, such as the ability to remote into your server or configure server startup tasks, Azure Cloud Services is typically the best option.

If you have an existing application that would require substantial modifications to run in Azure App Service or Azure Cloud Services, you could choose Azure Virtual Machines in order to simplify migrating to the cloud. However, correctly configuring, securing, and maintaining VMs requires much more time and IT expertise compared to Azure App Service and Cloud Services. If you are considering Azure Virtual Machines, make sure you take into account the ongoing maintenance effort required to patch, update, and manage your VM environment.

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